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Hole #1 : Par three, 165 yards: A beautiful view from the elevated tee will test the skill of any golfer. A relatively narrow fairway with beautiful drooping pines and massive maple trees line your way to a most difficult green. The tee box is 16 feet higher than the green. The green is protected by a small and treacherous, frontside bunker. Words cannot describe the difficulty of the green. The two tiers are separated by a 12 front downward slope from right to left. The green also slopes from back to front. Every putt on this green is a speed putt.

Hole #2 : Par three, 121 yards: This hole has an elevated green, 10 feet higher than the tee. You must hit the ball over a cavernous valley. There is scrub grass lining the left side of the fairway. The right side has several pines that eat errant drives. If you overshoot the green on the right there is more dunes scrub. This green is ample in size and slopes gently downward from left to right.

Hole #3 : Par four, 297 yards with an alternate tee at 307 yards: This hole is downhill all the way. The overall drop is 32 feet from tee to green. The left side is dunes scrub for about half of the distance. The right side is lined with gorgeous maples and pines. The maples have thick overhanging limbs that make second shots a challenge. As you approach the green beware of the trap on the right side. The green is sloped downward from back to front. If you are putting you may receive harmless banter or applause from those sitting on the clubhouse deck.

Hole #4 : Par three, 120 yards with an alternate tee at 108 yards: This is the signature hole with the only island green in Stark County. The elevated tee is 36 feet above green level. There is a lateral hazard on the left side. The green is small and slopes gently downward from back to front. This is a fun hole that has determined many a match. Good Luck and Stay Dry!

Hole #5 : Par four, 345 yards with a alternate tee at 300 yards: This hole is a slight dogleg left but has a wide and basically level fairway. There is a creek along the left side where the hole turns left. The green is protected by a hidden bunker on the front right. The green is fairly large and an honest putt will yield good results. Most complain that the hole plays longer than it looks.

Hole #6 : Par three, 140 yards: You will need to club up for this hole. It is straight up a 38 foot hill with a wide fairway and Firestone Road to the left and tall pines on the right. There is a front bunker on the hill to snare short shots. The green slopes downward from the back to the front by about six feet. The key to this hole is just getting up the hill. On occasion it is essential to judge the direction and strength of the wind on the top of the hill.

Hole #7 : Par three, 166 yards: This is a beautiful hole that runs parallel to Firestone Road. The tee is about 25 feet above the green. The fairway is amply wide, however there is the road on the left and if you miss right there are trees and dune scrub. The large trap on the right side of the green can be troublesome. The green slopes down from front to back. Reminder: hitting left will cost you strokes.

Hole #8 : Par three, 154 yards: This hole looks simple, but do not be deceived. It plays longer than it looks. It plays slightly downhill from tee to green. The left side of the fairway is parallel to the club entrance drive. An errant drive on the right can land your ball in dunes scrub. There is a hidden backside bunker. The green slopes downward from front to back and left to right. Putts on the left or right side of the pin require speed control.

Hole #9 : Par four, 294 yards with an alternate tee at 323 yards: This picturesque finishing hole gave Oakwood its name. Tall trees line both sides of this fairway. From the elevated tee and narrow tree lined fairway to the challenging green, this hole and several of the others truly separate this course from the normal executive courses. The tee is 58 feet higher than the green. There are traps on the both sides of the green. The green has two tiers with an eight-foot difference between elevations. Chipping and putting skills are required for good scoring.

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